Three women enjoying wine and conversation.

What is Branch Out?

A carefully curated, all‑inclusive event that brings together established women business owners for community, growth, relaxation, and adventure.

Group of women walking arm and arm.

Why Attend Branch Out

You are a business owner making more than $500K in annual revenue, but you are dreaming of deeper connections with other high-powered entrepreneurs.

  • Personally Connect With 50 Visionary Women

    Discover a community that will support and inspire you. You’ll engage in authentic conversations, laugh and cry together, and encourage each other’s continued success.

  • Accelerate Your Personal & Business Growth

    Through mastermind groups, sessions with thought leaders, and chats with new friends; find space to reflect and expand on ideas, strategies and new perspectives.

  • Enjoy a Mix of Relaxation and Adventure

    Unwind in the sauna, master the ropes course, center yourself with yoga, and have fun — the type of fun that builds strong bonds and makes memories.

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Group of smiling women.

You’ll fit right in if…

You identify as a woman, are a business owner with a track record of success, and value:

  • Authenticity — you are committed to being vulnerable and open, and stand in integrity with your actions and words.
  • Generosity — you are a giver not a taker; giving to others with no expectation of return.
  • Impact — you are striving to make a larger impact in the world.
  • Growth — you are eager to learn, grow and improve both in life and business.

Meet the Speakers

  • Portrait of Karen Walrond.

    Karen Walrond

    Inclusion, Individuality & Courage: Why These Are the Birthplace of Innovation

    • How courage is the prerequisite and amplifier of all leadership development and culture change work
    • How fostering a culture of vulnerability and inclusion in your organization is a requirement for creating a culture of innovation
    • How to embed diversity and inclusion in leadership programs

    An attorney, speaker, photographer, author and leadership consultant, and a sought-after keynote speaker on topics such as self-empowerment, creativity and innovation. Speaks extensively on leadership, ethics, diversity and inclusion to diverse audiences around the country.

  • Portrait of Adrienne Dorison.

    Adrienne Dorison

    How To Design A Business & Team That Runs Itself

    • A simple approach to making your business ultra-efficient
    • How to grow and scale with operational excellence, while removing YOU from the day-to-day
    • How to free yourself to do what you love when you want, while your business continues to grow and turn a profit
    • How to encourage your employees to think like owners

    CEO of Run Like Clockwork™, a training and operations consultancy that equips entrepreneurs to design a business that runs itself. Has helped hundreds of businesses expand profit margins and cut costs in 90 days or less through the power of operational efficiency.

  • Portrait of Marla Mattenson.

    Marla Mattenson

    Living The Unapologetic Life in Relationship, Business, and Beyond

    • Uncover how your business is showing up in your personal life, and how your personal life is showing up in your business
    • Transform how you “fight” using the neuroscience behind conflict to increase your sensual passion and financial profits
    • Experience what it really means to live “The Unapologetic Life”

    Marla is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert who specializes in working with entrepreneur couples. Her unique approach to relationships stems from her background in neuroscience and mathematics. Her clients include millionaire entrepreneurs, academy award winning actors, and grammy winning stars.

  • Portrait of Jennifer Kem.

    Jennifer Kem

    Values Based Leadership

    • Getting out of our own way when it comes to making money and expanding out visibility
    • Why your business needs to be value-driven rather than performance-driven
    • How to increase your influence and affluence in order to make an even greater impact

    A branding and marketing expert who gets entrepreneurs seen, heard, and paid — for being themselves. She’s the creator of the Master Brand Method as well as her legacy project: Femmefluence, and she is the successful owner of three million-dollar brand-building businesses.

  • Portrait of Amber Hurdle.

    Amber Hurdle

    How Leaders can Motivate Teams Without Jazz Hands & Fireworks

    • What a clear picture of company culture encompasses
    • How to weave culture into every day operations to motivate teams to execute the company strategy
    • How to leverage company culture to hire, recognize, discipline, and communicate with team members
    • Markers you can use to evaluate the strength of your company culture

    Author and brand expert who understands what it takes to accelerate success. A former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse business woman, Amber has worked with international celebrities and Fortune 500 companies alike.

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Women seated in a circle. sharing challenges and insights.

Participate In Mastermind Groups

The mastermind groups are carefully curated in order to build deeper relationships within our community.

These groups create space for you to give and receive support, brainstorm new ideas, and gain outside perspectives with other entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to run a successful business.

Miraval Austin pool extends infinitely to the rolling hills.

Miraval Austin Spa Resort

Perched high among the hills overlooking Lake Travis, Miraval Austin makes the perfect backdrop to relax, reflect, connect, and grow.

Outdoor table set for dinner at Miraval Austin.

The resort boasts two infinity pools with breathtaking views, 210 acres of wildlife preserve, an award-winning spa, and an array of adventurous activities.

You will be staying in luxurious, casita‐style ac­com­mo­da­tions located along meandering paths. You will enjoy seasonal menus with ingredients sourced from Miraval’s organic farm, orchards, vegetable gardens, and beehives.

All-Inclusive Experience

  • Miraval Austin room with king-size bed.

    Accommodations — Single Room (1 king) and Shared Room (2 queens) options available.

  • Women toasting with glasses of white wine at a communal dinner.

    Food & Beverages — Meals, snacks, and all beverages (including alcohol).

  • Women chat and laugh while riding horses through the countryside.

    Activities — Horseback riding, hiking, ropes courses, archery, and more.

  • Women holding a stretch during morning yoga class.

    Wellness — Yoga, meditation classes, fitness equipment, hot tub, sauna, and pools.

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A Day At Branch Out Austin

7:30 AM
Morning wellness activity (optional): yoga, hiking, meditation, swimming
8:30 AM
9:30 AM
Speaker sessions
12:30 PM
1:30 PM
Mastermind groups
3:00 PM
Choose your own adventure:
  • horseback riding
  • ropes course
  • archery
  • wine tasting
  • hot tub
6:00 PM
Cocktail hour
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
Free-time: fireside chats, hot tubbing, stargazing, connecting

What you can expect at Branch Out Austin

In our speaker sessions, you’ll get advanced leadership training with actionable strategies to scale your business, step more fully into your role as CEO, and strengthen important relationships (with your team, community, clients, and romantic partners).

Our mastermind groups are carefully curated so that you will be masterminding and visioning with other women leaders with diverse backgrounds and businesses who will be able to support you based on your challenges and goals. You will be brainstorming and sharing ideas, resources, and wisdom with women who have built their own multi-6, 7 and 8-figure businesses and who have skills and areas of expertise that are different from your own.

Your business can’t reach its full potential if you aren’t taking care of yourself, which is why self-care is incorporated throughout the event. You can choose from several (optional) morning wellness activities, relax in the sauna or hot tub, or take a meditative walk around the labyrinth.

There will also be time for you to have fun and choose your own adventure. Whether your idea of adventure is horseback riding, archery, hiking, painting, wine tasting, or relaxing in the hot tub, we’ve got you covered.

You will meet and build lifelong friendships with founders who will support and inspire you, and who have struggled with the same challenges you’re facing right now. You will be surrounded by vibrant, brilliant, fun, successful women who will help you reach the next level of greatness in your life and business.

Pricing Per Person

  • Shared Room
    (2 Queen Beds)

    paid in full

    Paid Monthly:
    $2,300/mo. for 3 mos.

    We’ll match you with a roommate or you may select your own.

  • Single Room
    (1 King Bed)

    paid in full

    Paid Monthly:
    $2,700/mo. for 3 mos.

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Branch Out Austin will change your life and business.

Join us for the perfect blend of learning, meaningful conversations, exciting adventures, down-time, and connection. You will gain new strategies, perspective, and lifelong friends that will help accelerate your personal and business growth.

About Your Host

Portrait of Emily Murnen.

Branch Out is an event series curated, hosted, and produced by Emily Murnen, the founder of Wild Elm Events.