Terms & Conditions

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Please carefully read the following terms and conditions relating to your purchase of Wild Elm LLC services. By registering for “Branch Out Austin” (the “Event”), you (the “Participant”) agree to the acceptance of and obligation to the following Terms and Conditions.

This is an Agreement between Wild Elm LLC and Emily Murnen (the “Host”, “we”, “us”, “our”) and any individual, entity, or organization that procures our services (the “Participant”, “you”, “your”). If you have any objections to the Terms and Conditions presented herein, you should not register for this event. This agreement is a binding contract between you and us.

Liability Waiver

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results, and by registering for the Event, you agree not to attempt to hold the Host, its employees, or agents liable for any such decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. You agree that the Host is not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions relating to any information presented at the Event, and you specifically release the Host and any of its representatives or contractors from liability for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the information or strategies communicated through the Event, materials, websites, or any services provided prior to or following the Event, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or caused by negligence of the Host or its representatives.

You hereby accept all risk to your business and health including injury, loss, damage, or death that may result from participating in the Event. You release and hold the Host harmless of all liability to yourself and your personal representatives, estate, heirs, next of kin, and assigns for any and all claims related to your participation in the Event.

Furthermore, you hereby authorize the Host to release the information you provide to any medical or emergency-assistance professional providing care to you in the event of an emergency.

Participant Conduct and Behavior

The Host requires all Participants to be respectful and professional to our staff, location hosts, speakers, and other Participants throughout the Event, even during non-scheduled downtime and breaks. The Host reserves the right to ask Participant to leave the venue immediately should they be deemed rude, uncooperative, unprofessional, intoxicated or in possession of any illegal substance. In such case, the Participant’s fees for the Event will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The Participant is required to adhere to all rules set by the Venue and is expected to adhere to any guidelines set at the beginning of the Event.


The Event is for your educational, informational, and recreational purposes only. We make no guarantees that you will do well, achieve any results or make any money from our information, and we offer no professional, legal, therapeutic, or financial advice. The Event cannot replace or substitute for the services of certified professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, health, or legal matters. Check with your accountant, lawyer or professional advisor, before acting on any information gained at the Event.

Refund Policy

There are limited spots available for the Event, and the Event is curated in order to create the best experience for all Participants. The Host makes extensive arrangements and investments to deliver a high quality event, and a cancellation could cause the Host to incur significant administration hassles, expenses, and loss of business. In addition, it changes the dynamic of the event because it is highly personalized to the people attending. By registering for the Event, Participant is expected to be fully committed to showing up.

However, if you do need to cancel, the Host will make a best effort attempt to find someone to take your place. If we do find someone to fill the spot, you will receive a full refund minus a $300 administration fee. As this is an invite-only event with a curated guest list, you will not be able to transfer the ticket to someone not approved by the Host. There will be no refund or ticket transfers after

Cancellation Policy

The Host reserves the right to cancel the Event for insufficient number of participants, for force majeure events (e.g., illness, death, acts of war or terrorism, earthquake, flooding, etc) or other circumstances that would bring undue hardship upon the Host or impede Event operations. Such cancellation shall be made in writing (email is acceptable). In such cases, the Host and you agree to discuss the circumstances regarding a pending cancellation; however, the Host shall make the final decision regarding cancellation, non-cancellation or a potential re-scheduling. The refund of all payments as described in the paragraph below shall release the Host from any further liability.

The Host must make substantial payments to suppliers far in advance of the scheduled start date of Event. If the Event is cancelled due to forces beyond our control (acts of God, war, labor strikes, earthquake, flooding, etc.), the Host will promptly refund the portion of the trip cost not advanced to suppliers. The Host will use its best efforts to recover advance payments as promptly as possible, and will refund you the amount recovered, if any. However, the Host does not guarantee recovery of any or all of the advance payments made.

Travel Insurance

Purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance and Interruption Insurance (to protect you against financial loss from unforeseen accidents, illness, and/or loss of baggage) is your responsibility and strongly recommended.